Why Wine Tours in Paso Robles Are Better Than Napa?

Breathtaking natural scenery. Great wine. Delicious food. Friendly people. Paso Robles has it
all, minus the hustle and bustle (re: traffic and crowds) so rampant in other wine regions
throughout the country.

California’s Central Coast was pretty much made for wine-making. Flanked by the Pacific
Ocean’s chilly breezes and the arid San Joaquin Valley, the region is jam-packed with diverse
microclimates with soil conditions suited to produce multiple varieties. In Paso specifically,
Zinfandel, Bordeaux and Rhone-style vintages thrive in the inland’s slightly warmer climes.

The wines produced here receive acclaim from around the world, but it’s really that gritty, frontier town feel that draws people in. That’s probably why Paso has quickly become such a major player in Central Coast Wine Country -- and winemaking, in general.

And did we mention it’s absolutely beautiful here?

An unmatched Concierge level of service you won't get in Napa Valley

At Elegant Image, we pride ourselves on providing a concierge level of service. But what does
that really mean? Let’s put it into perspective.

We’re locals. Because we live and work here, we know Paso Robles’ wineries inside and out,
and we’re here to offer our expertise. Looking for Paso’s biggest, boldest red? We know exactly where to go. Want an Insta-worthy vineyard view? We’ve got the perfect backdrop for some precious moments. Need to know which wineries can accommodate a rowdy bachelorette party? We know where to find that, too.

Look, Paso wineries have got it going on. They’re busy, which usually results in having to
schedule your tastings ahead of time, which is just another roadblock to your fun, in our opinion. That’s why we make the reservations for you once you’ve decided where you want to go.

And if you want to take onsite tours of any wineries, we can take care of booking those too. With your permission, we can use the credit card we have on file for your transportation to cover and tasting and tour fees. We’re full-service and we want to save you time. 

It’s all about the experience

Paso Robles’ 26,000 acres of grapevines are home to more than 200 wineries. With so much
ground to cover, any Central Coast wine tour is going to require a pretty heavy amount of

Plus, you’re going to be drinking. A lot. Most wineries will serve four to six 1 ounce pours of
whatever wines you pick from their menu. You might as well leave the driving to a professional

A wine tour with Elegant Image is a special occasion in and of itself. You’ll get to relax in the
backseat as you’re whisked around to the best Paso Robles wineries. 

You don’t need a reason to celebrate, but if you’ve got one -- like a bachelorette party or a milestone anniversary -- we want to make it even more special for you. When you book a wine tour with us, we want to get to know you and your preferences so we can make your day as personalized as possible.

Our fleet of luxury SUVs, stretch limousines and limo buses suits groups of all sizes, from two to 20 or more. A BMW X Series SUV is a sleek, speedy getaway car for couples, and our larger vehicles are equipped with features to keep the fun going while you’re on the road, like an on board wet bar, premium sound system and plenty of space for all of your friends.

Once inside, you can expect a selection of bottled water, soft drinks and a complimentary bottle of champagne. Glassware, ice and a cooler for anything you’d like to bring aboard are also provided. You’ve got a long day ahead of you, we also provide a complimentary charioteer tray and a loaf of local artisan sourdough to nosh on during the drive or for a scenic picnic at one of the vineyards. And if you’re craving heartier sustenance, we certainly arrange for some delicious gourmet boxed lunches.

Trying to plan a Paso Robles wine tour is an overwhelming combination of limitless options and logistics. Where will you go? Who will you go with? How will you get there?

For something that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing, planning a wine tour is actually a surprising amount of work. But at Elegant Image, we’re really good at it.

Maybe you already know exactly where you want to go. Or, maybe all you know is that you prefer Chardonnays to Cabernets. No matter your starting point, Elegant Image can help plan your wine tour as much or as little as you’d like.

Call our Wine Tour Reservation Specialists to get a better idea of your options and the type of service we provide.