5 Best Views for a Paso Robles Wine Tour

The 5 Best Views in Paso Robles

As the premier limo service in Paso Robles, and top Paso Robles wine tours limo company, we know a thing or two about wine tours. With that, we also know the great spots for that perfect view! In Paso Robles, there are a ton of them. You can’t go wrong wherever you find yourself perched.

But maybe you are looking for that wine tour where you want to be “wowed.” Perhaps you’re looking for a place where you can truly unplug, unwind and lose track of time. Or, maybe you’re just seeking that perfect #instagrammable moment.

Regardless, if you’re in Paso Robles wine country, you’re not far from being completely immersed in the scenic, rugged countryside.

We’ve scoured the terrain for the best view in Paso, for one of our Paso Robles wine tours.


Here they are, in no particular order:


1. Calcareous Vineyards

3430 Peachy Canyon Road, Paso Robles, CA

Location, location, location. If you’re a wine drinker, you’re familiar with “terroir,” and how utterly essential it is for great tasting wine. Calcareous Vineyards is named for the calcareous ground it's built upon. Father and daughter Lloyd Messer and Dana Brown established Calcareous Vineyards in 2000 atop one of Paso Robles’ highest limestone plateaus.

Nearly 2 decades later, Calcareous Vineyards is producing world-class, terroir-driven blends and varietals that encapsulate Paso Robles’ winemaking spirit. The tasting room is situated 1,500 feet above the Salinas Valley and opens up to offers sweeping southeasterly views of the rolling hillside, plus views of the city off in the distance.

Visit on a Saturday afternoon for a wine and food pairing, then head outside and stay awhile. It’s no wonder why the motto at Calcareous Vineyards is “Come for the wine, stay for the view.”


2. Croad Vineyards

3550 Vinedo Robles Lane, Paso Robles, CA

Husband and wife Martin and Patti Croad never intended to own a winery. They actually stumbled upon what would become their winery property when they were looking for a weekend home. It turns out their 38-acre plot of land wound up being a fantastic place to grow grapes. In just 2 years, Martin, a native of New Zealand (or “Kiwi”) learned how to make award-winning wine.

Nearly 15 years later, Croad Vineyards is producing award-winning wine with a New Zealand influence. The winery and tasting room -- housed in a Mission-style structure -- serve up some pretty breathtaking vistas of west side Paso Robles. The expansive patio offers plenty of seating and some of the best views of Paso countryside and the surrounding vineyards.

As if you needed another reason to check this place out, how about this: Stop by for Kiwi Hour every day from 2-3 p.m. for half-off wine by the glass.


3. Eberle Winery

3810 CA-46, Paso Robles, CA

Owner Gary Eberle has been known as the pioneer of Paso wine country since he established his family’s Estrella River Winery & Vineyards in the early 1970’s. A few years later, Eberle decided to pursue a project of his own, and by 1982 Eberle Winery was open for business.

Just minutes east of Downtown Paso, Eberle Winery offers a deck that overlooks their seemingly never-ending 38-acre Estate Vineyard. Post up on the porch with a bottle of Eberle’s signature Cab and soak in the views of the Santa Lucia Mountains in the distance, or play bocce ball or corn hole.

Sure, the aboveground views are breathtaking -- some of the best in Paso -- but a visit to Eberle Winery isn’t complete without a complimentary tour of the underground caves: all 16,000 square feet of them. Eberle built Paso’s first wine caves in 1991. It’s the perfect space to age every bottle of wine the winery produces, and there’s also a 100-seat dining area where the host monthly guest dinners.


4. Le Cuvier

3333 Vine Hill Lane, Paso Robles, CA

If boutique-y wineries are more your style, don’t miss the view at Le Cuvier Winery, 15 minutes west of Downtown Paso. The small-production winery exists on the same site that was once winemaker and general manager John Munch’s home -- and the original location of Adelaida Cellars.

Although Adelaida Cellars moved westward, John still dreamt of building a winery there. In 2010, that vision became a reality, complete with some of the most breathtaking -- and uncommon -- views Paso has to offer.

The half-mile long road to the winery winds up about 200 feet and offers expansive views of the Salinas River basin northeast and west of Paso. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the patio, sit back and relax in an Adirondack chair or enjoy homemade hors d’oeuvres prepared in the onsite gourmet kitchen. It’s a quiet spot to take in one of the best views in Paso Robles.

Plus, the wine is good. Like, really good. Winemakers rarely interfere with the natural fermentation process, adding just enough sulfites to preserve the wine, and barrel age the wine for a minimum of 33 months in neutral oak.


5. DAOU Vineyards & Winery

2777 Hidden Mountain Road, Paso Robles, CA

Just 20 minutes west of downtown in Paso’s Adelaida District lies DAOU Vineyards & Winery. Brothers Georges and Daniel Daou set out to produce the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon. But before they could do that, they needed to find the perfect terroir. They found that ideal combination of geography, soil and climate upon a rugged mountain top, now known as DAOU Mountain, west of Paso Robles.

Today, the Daou brothers have earned quite a reputation for their world-class Bordeaux varietals. And that mountain top, at a staggering elevation of 2,200 feet -- the highest elevation in Paso -- offers some pretty killer views.

The DAOU Vineyards tasting room is immaculate on its own, but once the gigantic floor to ceiling windows are open, you’re in for a view unlike anything you’ve ever experienced: gorgeous rolling hills with vineyards as far as the eye can see, with rugged mountains in the background. On a clear day, you can see 30 miles out to Lake Nacimiento to the northwest.

DAOU Vineyards also boasts impeccably landscaped gardens, including a rose garden, peppered with seating areas. With panoramic views all the way around, there truly isn’t a bad seat in the house. Grab a bottle of DAOU’s signature Cab, a charcuterie board and watch the sunset.